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For our instore customers: here's what's arrived in the last few days and are in the bins, on sale now. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED: check early to avoid disappointment. Updated mid-morning, Monday – Friday*. Please note that there are days when NO stock is received, and generally NO CD stock is received in the weekends.

"CD5" next to a title means it is a CD Single. "(Digi)" next to the title means it is a cardboard digipak.

26 MAY 2017
25 MAY 2017
24 MAY 2017
23 MAY 2017
22 MAY 2017
*These are static lists: SOME ITEMS MAY HAVE ALREADY SOLD, especially on earlier dates. Every effort will be made to present these in a timely manner but, you know, sometimes things go wrong. Some days we may just be too busy...let's just say we'll do our best!


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