Welcome to our new website. As you can see, it is very pretty, however not everything is represented yet.

Bumpy first day, but we are feeling optimistic, as some areas of the website are looking smooth.We still have a long way to go, right now you will only be able to see a limited amount of items. But over the next few days we will be adding more of our range and finalising some features.

How do i see my club points?
Sorry dude, you'll have to wait a couple of days for your old ones. BUT!... if you spend over $200 you'll still get 20 bucks off! Yasss!
(make sure you use the same log in email address - so we can link your old points with your new points)

Logging in: You might not be able to log in, but please register again (use your previous email address) and your club points and account will be automatically linked once the database is uploaded.
2nd Hand Favourites: these are not available in this version, they may be added at a later stage.

2nd Hand Lp New Arrival Lists
2nd Hand CD New Arrival Lists
2nd Hand DVD New Arrival Lists

There will be many more features to come, in the meantime enjoy the superior search function - and come back soon. It will be improving day by day - and soon you will be able to buy ANY of our products online.