Clear out your collection - and bring them to us, because not only do you get a store credit, you will get club points at the same time!

Sell your unwanted LPs CDs or DVDs with us, and for a limited time You will get club points on your club card for the value of your trade.

Any music item you sell us for a trades credit, through our second hand trades counter Dingbats will gain club points also.

For example:

if you get $100 store credit for your trade, you also get 100 club points.

If you then go on to spend that $100 credit, you will reach your bonus and get a $20 discount! Not bad!

You must have your club card and photo ID to trade and get points. This does not apply for cash trades.


We'll probably take anything but 'nana' music (this eliminates most easy-listening, and NZ classical pressings).
If you are unsure if we'll take your collection, please call a trader on (09) 302 3951

We'll only pay cash for fast selling Lps in good condition. For other items we will offer a trade value.

You will need:

1) Valid, current NZ legal ID (drivers license, current passport, NZ 18+ card/Kiwi Access card)

2) Address and phone number

3) Items will need to be in good condition:

CDs - unscratched with complete covers

LPs - no water damage

DVDs - must include rating stickers for NZ

Due to high demand around this promotion: Be prepared for a wee bit of a wait in the main store, or to come back the following day after a phonecall confirmation.

Weds to Friday are a quieter/better option

How the club works:

If you are a club member, every $1 you spend equals 1 club point.

When you reach 200 points you get $20 off! That is like a 10% discount.

Join the club here or join in store.