Vaccine Certificates under the new protection framework

As a Company we will be operating as a ‘Vaccine Certificate Business’ from Friday 3 December 2021, under the New Zealand Covid-19 Protection Framework ‘Traffic Lights', recently announced by the government.

It is quick and easy to get your vaccine pass, click here
Masks and QR code scanning is still mandatory at this time.

The vaccine pass may not be right for you at this time, and that is ok.
If you need to pick something up or arrange a drop off, but don't have a vaccine pass, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate you.
We have a really excellent online service, and you can still purchase via the cart. (plus, there's even more choice online!)

Why we are implementing the Policy

Our risk assessment has determined the overall risk of infection and transmission of Covid-19 for all roles here is high.

If only vaccinated people are on site, we can easily cater for 100 people.
However, we can only have 25 people in store unless they are all Vaccinated.

The unique structure and scale of our stores, and mixed use and close contact nature of our service, trades and retail offerings within our stores enhance this risk and whilst some roles have a higher direct degree of risk than others, all staff share a similar overall level of risk due to sharing facilities, working across departments and brands, and the ability for customers to circulate around the store as they wish, once they are within the store.

The Company has reviewed all guidance from official sources. According to the ministry of health the COVID-19 vaccine reduces the risk of getting infected, and if you do get COVID-19, it means you could have no symptoms or will have much fewer, milder symptoms and recover faster.

Real Groovy believes that by making the decision to adopt and implement the proposal, we are prioritising our people’s health and taking all practicable steps to keep our staff and wider community safe.

Our Limit is 100 people in the main store and 25 in Dingbats at any one time. We thank you for your understanding.