Collection: Essential Post-Punk Albums

Post-Punk is a subgenre which arose in the late 1970's at a critical moment of music cross-pollination. After the breakout of Punk on both sides of the Atlantic, many bands fused the raw energy and DIY attitude of Punk with a range of other influences including Funk, Dub, Krautrock, Electronic, and Experimental music. From 1977-1983 Post-Punk bands created some of the most influential music of the century. Post-Punk is the stripped down sound of Gang of Four and Warsaw (who went on to become Joy Division and New Order), the experimentations of Wire and Devo, the disco and dub infused sounds of The Clash and The Slits, the Goth prototypes of Bauhaus and Siouxsie, and the angular afro-inspired rhythms Talking Heads and early Thompson Twins. This is a just a small selection of Post-Punk essentials.