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Agape - Agape Love - Love (vinyl)

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LP, 2017


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Limited vinyl LP pressing comes with exclusive bonus track. Includes insert with extensive liner notes. Born as Florian Fricke’s brainchild, Popol Vuh needs little introduction, the band stayed active between the late 1960s and late 1990s (until Florian’s passing in 2001). Regarded as pioneers in avant-garde German electronic music, their early works practically laid down the foundations for Kosmische Muzik (Space Music) with the then new sounds of the Moog synthesizer joined with ethnic percussions. Agape-Love was one of Florian Fricke’s favorites, at a point in his life where he was inspired by 13th century Persian poet Rumi. Still utilizing a choir for Gregorian chant-like ethereal intensity — though they sing in Byzantine scales – the band delves deeply into the drone world of Fricke’s sacred music muse. This is an album of many moods/feelings and is a worthy, devastatingly beautiful outing (both introspective and intense at the same time). Out of print since 1983 and never released outside of Europe, now back available as a gorgeously packaged deluxe vinyl edition.

One Way Static

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  • Artist Popol Vuh
  • Format LP
  • Released 2017
  • Label One Way Static
  • Genre Rock
  • UPC 041898188838
  • Website ID 041898188838

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