Tom Waits


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LP, 2018

20 tracks, 4 sides


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The collection of 56 songs went far beyond a simple career retrospective. It dipped back as far as 1984 with the bulk of it’s songs hailing from the mid-nineties onward. Over 2/3 of the material had never been heard when originally released in 2006 and had 30 newly recorded songs. Orphans also featured a number of songs finding a home on a Waits’ album for the first time. They included Waits’ unique interpretations of songs by such diverse talents as The Ramones, Daniel Johnston, Kurt Weill & Bertolt Brecht and Leadbelly. These outtakes, rarities and the previously unreleased material were separately grouped into themes and named, Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards. And now these titles will be released individually. Brawlers is a collection of raucous blues and full-throated juke joint stomps Bawlers is a collection of Celtic and country ballads, waltzes, lullabies, piano and classic lyrical Waits’ songs Bastards is a collection of experimental music and strange tales.


20 tracks, 4 sides

Side 1

  1. What Keeps Mankind Alive (Remastered)
  2. Children's Story (Remastered)
  3. Heigh Ho (Remastered)
  4. Army Ants (Remastered)
  5. Book Of Moses (Remastered)

Side 2

  1. Bone Chain (Remastered)
  2. Two Sisters (Remastered)
  3. First Kiss (Remastered)
  4. Dog Door (Remastered)
  5. Redrum (Remastered)

Side 3

  1. Nirvana (Remastered)
  2. Home I'll Never Be (Remastered)
  3. Poor Little Lamb (Remastered)
  4. Altar Boy (Remastered)
  5. The Pontiac (Remastered)
  6. Spidey's Wild Ride (Remastered)

Side 4

  1. King Kong (Remastered)
  2. On The Road (Remastered)
  3. Dog Treat (Remastered)
  4. Missing My Son (Remastered)
  • Artist Tom Waits
  • Format LP
  • Released 2018
  • Label Epitaph
  • Genre Rock
  • UPC 045778755110
  • Website ID 045778755110

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