Grateful Dead / Soundtrack

Long Strange Trip - The Story Of The Grateful Dead

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LP, 2017

12 tracks, 4 sides


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Double vinyl LP pressing. Highlights to the Official Motion Picture Soundtrack to the unprecedented four-hour rock documentary about the legendary band the Grateful Dead. The film, executive produced by Martin Scorsese and directed by Amir Bar-Lev, probes the creative forces, subversive ambitions, and interpersonal dynamics that drove the band in their 30-year career. Features unreleased tracks and Dead covers. Emerging from the Bay Area's vibrant 1960s counterculture, the Grateful Dead were a motley crew whose unique sound sprang from an eclectic blend of influences: bluegrass, folk ballads, R&B, free-form jazz, classical and jug band. They became one of the most influential and iconic bands of all time.

Grateful Dead

12 tracks, 4 sides

Side 1

  1. Death Don't have No Mercy (Live at The Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA 2/27/69) [Remastered]
  2. St. Stephen (Live at The Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA 2/27/69) [Remastered]
  3. Easy Wind (Remastered)

Side 2

  1. Dark Star (Live at The Fillmore East, New York, NY 2/14/70)

Side 3

  1. China Cat Sunflower (Live at Chateau D' Herouvile, Herovuville, France 6/21/71)
  2. I Know You Rider (Live at Chateau D' Herouville, Herovuville, France 6/21/71)
  3. The Music Never Stopped (Live at The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA 8/13/75) [Remaster
  4. Touch Of Grey (Live at Marin Veterans Auditorium, San Rafael, CA 1/6-13/87) [Remastered]

Side 4

  1. Dear Mr. Fantasy (Live at Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro, MA 7/2/89)
  2. Hey Jude (Live at Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro, MA 7/2/89)
  3. Ripple (Remastered)
  4. Brokedown Palace (Remastered)
  • Artist Grateful Dead / Soundtrack
  • Format LP
  • Released 2017
  • Label Grateful Dead
  • Genre Soundtrack
  • UPC 081227934439
  • Website ID 081227934439

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