Leave Home (2017 Remastered) (vinyl)

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LP, 2018

14 tracks, 2 sides


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Vinyl LP pressing of the second album from the punk legends. Released in January 1977, it featured a clutch of Ramones' classics including 'Swallow My Pride,' 'Pinhead,' 'Suzy is a Headbanger,' 'California Sun' (a hit for the Rivieras in the ‘60s) and of course the controversial 'Carbona Not Glue'. Produced by Tony Bongiovi and Tommy Ramone, Leave Home also featured the engineering talents of Ed Stasium, who would go on to work with the band over numerous other releases. Songs on the album were written immediately after the band's first album's writing process, which demonstrated the band's progression. The album had a higher production value than their debut Ramones and featured faster tempos.


14 tracks, 2 sides

Side 1

  1. Glad To See You Go (Remastered)
  2. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment (Remastered)
  3. I Remember You (Remastered)
  4. Oh Oh I Love Her So (Remastered)
  5. Carbona Not Glue (Remastered)
  6. Suzy Is A Headbanger (Remastered)
  7. Pinhead (Remastered)

Side 2

  1. Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy (Remastered)
  2. Swallow My Pride (Remastered)
  3. What's Your Game (Remastered)
  4. California Sun (Remastered)
  5. Commando (Remastered)
  6. You're Gonna Kill That Girl (Remastered)
  7. You Should Have Never Opened That Door (Remastered)
  • Artist Ramones
  • Format LP
  • Released 2018
  • Label Rhino
  • Genre Rock
  • UPC 081227940256
  • Website ID 081227940256

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