Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions) (Gold Edition) (Vinyl)

Tom Petty

Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions) (Gold Edition) (Vinyl)

Format — LP (new)


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Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions) features 16 studio recordings of alternate takes, long cuts and jam versions of Wildflowers songs as Tom, band members and co-producer Rick Rubin worked to finalize the album in 1994. The release offers fans further deep access into the writing and recording of Wildflowers, as well as realizing the full vision of the project as Tom had always intended. The collection was produced by Tom’s longtime engineer and co-producer Ryan Ulyate who listened to 245 reels of 24-track tape, revealing Tom and his collaborators’ evolutionary process, and finding the group willing to do whatever it took to discover the essence and magic in the material.
  • First Released: 2021
  • Label: Warner Bros.

16 tracks, 2 sides

Side 1

  1. A Higher Place (Alternate Version)
  2. Hard on Me (Alternate Version)
  3. Cabin Down Below (Alternate Version)
  4. Crawling Back to You (Alternate Version)
  5. Only a Broken Heart (Alternate Version)
  6. Drivin' Down To Georgia
  7. You Wreck Me (Alternate Version)
  8. It's Good to Be King (Alternate Version)

Side 2

  1. House in the Woods (Alternate Version)
  2. Honey Bee (Alternate Version)
  3. Girl on LSD (Alternate Version)
  4. Cabin Down Below (Acoustic Version)
  5. Wildflowers (Alternate Version)
  6. Don't Fade on Me (Alternate Version)
  7. Wake Up Time (Alternate Version)
  8. You Saw Me Comin'
  • Artist Tom Petty
  • Format LP
  • Released 2021
  • Label Warner Bros.
  • Genre Rock
  • UPC 093624884941
  • Website ID 093624884941

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