Band Of Horses

Everything All The Time


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Vinyl LP. After noodling around with emo-laden heartbreak and self-defeating obsessions in the band Carissa's Weird, Ben Birdwell (vocals and guitar) and Mat Brooke (bass) formed Band of Horses in 2004. This is that band's first album: "Everything All the Time." A 2006 release, "Everything All the Time" is a strong start at cultivating the emo crowd into more mainstream narcissism with the volume turned up to 11. It's raw edge gets the full sonic treatment on this vinyl LP where none of the 10 songs is compressed or distorted into an MP3. It also is an original pressing! Sub Pop Records.

Sub Pop

10 tracks, 1 side

Side 1

  1. 1. The First Song
  2. 2. Wicked Gil
  3. 3. Our Swords
  4. 4. The Funeral
  5. 5. Part One
  6. 6. The Great Salt Lake
  7. 7. Weed Party
  8. 8. I Go To The Barn Cause I Like The
  9. 9. Monsters
  10. 10. St. Augustine
  • Artist Band Of Horses
  • Format LP
  • Released 2006
  • Label Sub Pop
  • Genre Indie Rock/Pop
  • UPC 098787069013
  • Website ID 098787069013

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