Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic (purple Edition) (vinyl



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Double purple vinyl LP pressing. One of the first full releases for Prince's innovative online subscription service The NPG Music Club, was this remixed version of Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic; highlights include a remix of ‘Hot Wit U’ that incorporates elements of the Prince-penned Vanity 6 hit ‘Nasty Girl’ and the previously unreleased ‘Beautiful Strange.’ Chuck D, Gwen Stefani, Sheryl Crow, Maceo Parker and Ani DiFranco guest on this 1999 album—but Prince, his synths, his guitars and his drum machines are as dominant as ever as he delivers a head-spinning set of funk, pop, rap and some very slinky ballads.


14 tracks, 4 sides

Side 1

  1. Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic
  2. Undisputed (The Moneyapolis Mix)
  3. The Greatest Romance Ever Sold

Side 2

  1. Hot Wit U (Nasty Girl Remix)
  2. Tangerine
  3. So Far, So Pleased
  4. The Sun, The Moon and Stars

Side 3

  1. Man 'O' War (Remix)
  2. Baby Knows
  3. Eye Love U, But Eye Don't Trust U Anymore
  4. Beautiful Strange

Side 4

  1. Silly Game
  2. Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do
  3. Prettyman
  • Artist Prince
  • Format LP
  • Released 2019
  • Label Legacy
  • Genre Soul/R & B
  • UPC 190759140017
  • Website ID 190759140017