I Am Easy To Find (vinyl)



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Double vinyl LP pressing. 2019 release. I Am Easy To Find is The National's eighth studio album and the follow-up to 2017's Grammy-award winning release Sleep Well Beast. A companion short film with the same name will also be released with music by The National and inspired by the album. Oscar nominated Mike Mills, along with the band, is credited as co-producer of the album, which was recorded at Long Pond, Hudson Valley, NY with vocal contributions from Sharon Van Etten, Brooklyn Youth Chorus, Lisa Hannigan, Mina Tindle and more. The two projects are, as Mills calls them, "Playfully hostile siblings that love to steal from each other" - they share music and words and DNA and impulses and a vision about what it means to be human in 2019, but don't necessarily need one another. The movie was composed like a piece of music; the music was assembled like a film, by a film director. The frontman and natural focal point was deliberately and dramatically side staged in favor of a variety of female voices, nearly all of whom have long been in the group's orbit. It is unlike anything either artist has ever attempted and also totally in line with how they've created for much of their careers.


16 tracks, 4 sides

Side 1

  1. You Had Your Soul with You
  2. Quiet Light
  3. Roman Holiday
  4. Oblivions

Side 2

  1. The Pull of You
  2. Hey Rosey
  3. I Am Easy to Find
  4. Her Father in the Pool

Side 3

  1. Where Is Her Head
  2. Not in Kansas
  3. So Far So Fast
  4. Dust Swirls in Strange Light

Side 4

  1. Hairpin Turns
  2. Rylan
  3. Underwater
  4. Light Years
  • Artist National
  • Format LP
  • Released 2019
  • Label 4ad
  • Genre Rock
  • UPC 191400015418
  • Website ID 191400015418