Smith Jorja

Lost And Found (vinyl)

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LP, 2018

Soul/R & B

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2018 release

"It’s clear that Smith has done her homework, though, with shades of icons such as Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse scattered throughout the album. This is most notable on ‘February 3rd’, where her soothing voice is pushed to its limit over a glitchy, playful beat that’d sit nicely on James Blake’s debut album. ‘Where Did I Go?’, meanwhile, is a sleek combination of wicked melodies and bouncing beats."

Famm Limited

  • Artist Smith Jorja
  • Format LP
  • Released 2018
  • Label Famm Limited
  • Genre Soul/R & B
  • UPC 192562403969
  • Website ID 192562403969

Soul & RNB

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