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The NZ Music Foundation was established in 2012 and partners with projects nationwide that use music in healthcare and with at-risk & vulnerable people. It also provides emergency assistance to kiwi music people experiencing illness and hardship, and gives free professional counselling to those in the NZ music industry who would otherwise be unable to access help.
NZ Music Foundation General Manager Peter Dickens says: “This is a great present idea and a fantastic way to own something unique from one of New Zealand’s best bands. We’re very grateful to the members of The Clean for their generosity and creativity, and also to the excellent people at Real Groovy for their help in making thesets available to the public.”
The tea towel, mug and plate sets are available now from the Real Groovy website and in-store for $100, with all proceeds going to The NZ Music Foundation.


Self Portrait 2015
Marker on paper
21.8cm x 17.8cm

“Sketches I had made for some self-portrait paintings I was scribbling with when I got asked to contribute some art. Of course I got so fond these originals and never painted them. Ask me why I got so attached, I have no idea!”

Blue Marble 2015
Acrylic on corrugated cardboard
21.6 cm × 18.4 cm

Hamish Kilgour’s piece invites you to channel your inner astronaut and marvel at his circle of blue shades and colours just like the Apollo 17 crew did at the evocative “Blue Marble” earthrise.

Fishy 2015
Ink pen and Watercolour on paper
11.2cm x 27.2cm
12.8cm x 27.4cm

Fish have long featured in still life painting from Chinese and Dutch art through to Matisse.“I am chuffed to help the NZ Music Foundation” says Robert. “They do a great job, and I know through working with children and music what a great learning process it can be. I love the idea that my humble fictitious fishy is preserved on a mug for all time.”

About The New Zealand Music Foundation
The NZ Music Foundation is a charity that develops and supports projects that use music to change the lives of people in need across New Zealand. It also helps kiwi music people by providing caring, confidential and practical emergency assistance in times of illness and hardship, and operates a professional online, on the phone and in-person counseling service for members of the NZ music community. You can find out more now on the charity’s website, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, YouTube and Google+.

For more info about The New Zealand Music Foundation, interview requests or
access to images contact: Peter Dickens, +021 0854 5529 or
[email protected],nz

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