Bug Vs Earth

Concrete Desert (vinyl)

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LP, 2017

10 tracks, 1 side


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Vinyl LP pressing, includes bonus 12 inch single. Like master painters exploring a subject over a lifetime's work, Kevin Martin and Dylan Carlson – The Bug and Earth, respectively – have each been mining and defining their genres for more than 20 years. They're united by an interest in – really an obsession with – heaviness. They search for, examine and break the boundaries between beautiful and ugly, minimal and maximal, light and dark – but The Bug and Earth always make music that is heavy in the most thrilling of ways. Ninja Tune asked The Bug and Dylan Carlson to perform live in LA around the label's 25th anniversary, and Martin and Carlson took the opportunity to rekindle The Bug vs Earth project. They holed up in Daddy Kev's legendary LA studio, with DJ Nobody engineering, for two very long days. Those recording sessions have resulted in the masterpiece that is Concrete Desert. Inspired by J.G. Ballard's urban dystopias, and the Californian dream capital's sordid, fragmented underbelly, Martin says that the album is in some ways a Los Angeles-set companion piece to London Zoo.

Ninja Tune

10 tracks, 1 side

Side 1

  1. City of Fallen Angels
  2. Gasoline
  3. Agoraphobia
  4. Snakes Vs Rats
  5. Broke
  6. American Dream
  7. Don't Walk These Streets
  8. Other Side of the World
  9. Hell a
  10. Concrete Desert
  • Artist Bug Vs Earth
  • Format LP
  • Released 2017
  • Label Ninja Tune
  • Genre Electronic
  • UPC 5054429006063
  • Website ID 5054429006063

Electronic Dance

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