Persistent Repetition Of Phrases



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'Persistent Repetition Of Phrases' success comes from the attention it pays to the function of 'the loop', not only as a narrative ordering system in modern music, but as a means by which the brain itself recalls and interprets information; it's as old as recorded sound itself, but in this context the repetition of small shards of auditory information becomes an elegy to fading memory and the worn-out synapses of old age. The track titles offer signposts through Kirby's labyrinth of faulty remembrances, pointing their way towards the peculiarities dictating the manner by which the mind stores and attempts to recover information.

History Always Favou

9 tracks, 1 side

Side 1

  1. Lacunar Amnesia 3:29
  2. Persistent Repetition Of Phrases 6:17
  3. Rosy Retrospection 5:09
  4. Long Term (Remote) 4:19
  5. Poor Enunciation 5:05
  6. Past Life Regression 4:35
  7. False Memory Syndrome 3:55
  8. Von Restorff Effect 5:34
  9. Unmasking Alzheimer's 5:25
  • Artist Caretaker
  • Format CD
  • Released 2010
  • Label History Always Favou
  • Genre Electronic
  • UPC 5060165482955
  • Website ID 5060165482955

Electronic Dance