Williams Kamaal

Return (vinyl)

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LP, 2018


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Vinyl LP pressing. Whether re-defining experimental fusion sounds with the hugely acclaimed Yussef Kamaal, or his catalog of 12"s for imprints such as MCDE, Eglo, and Rhythm Section as Henry Wu, South London's Kamaal Williams has been a key figure in his thriving international scene for the past few years. The Return is a natural evolution from the Yussef Kamaal project, mining the influence of visionary jazz but blended with all kinds of texture, sounds and signals from the over-saturated London streets. At times the keyboard work evokes the classic '70s fusion work of Lonnie Liston Smith or Roy Ayers, but underpinned by rhythms more reminiscent of blunted hip-hop and arrangements subliminally laced with the cut-ups of pirate radio.

Black Focus Records

  • Artist Williams Kamaal
  • Format LP
  • Released 2018
  • Label Black Focus Records
  • Genre Jazz
  • UPC 5060384613413
  • Website ID 5060384613413


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