In The Rainbow Rain (vinyl)

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On April 27, ATO Records will release Okkervil River's 'In The Rainbow

Rain,' the group's most immediate - and meaningful - album to date. On

it, bandleader Will Sheff makes a startling left turn from the their

critically-lauded and inward-looking 2016 album 'Away,' crafting an

exuberant declaration of hope. In place of 'Away''s somber strings and

acoustic textures, 'In the Rainbow Rain' is full of dazzling color,

spattered with starbursts of electric guitar, big blooms of synth, and a

chorus of backing vocals. It's a buoyant and playful record, but also

open and emotionally vulnerable. Sheff says, "I wanted to make a record

where a sense of kindness felt encoded into the music."

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