Impetuous Ritual

Blight Upon Martyred Sentence

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CD, 2017

9 tracks, 1 side


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2017 release. Australia's Impetuous Ritual follow up their last album Unholy Congregation Of Hypocritical Ambivalence with this musical abomination of ambient death metal surrealism entitled Blight Upon Martyred Sentience, which takes their unhinged vortex-like chaos into more abstract, cavernous, and otherworldly realms. With a sound even less conventional, weirder and alien than it's two predecessors, this release harnesses a much darker atmosphere (if one could even imagine that would be possible), veering off into abstract noise and dark ambient, creating a more depraved, violent, torturous and malevolent audial canvas than any other band in extreme death metal today-the band has transcended and inverted the genre unto something of their own vision unparalleled.

Profound Lore

9 tracks, 1 side

Side 1

  1. Void Cohesion
  2. Apoptosis
  3. Inordinate Disdain
  4. Untoward Evocation
  5. Synchronous Convergence
  6. Denigrative Prophecies
  7. Sullen
  8. Feculence Reveled
  9. Intransience
  • Artist Impetuous Ritual
  • Format CD
  • Released 2017
  • Label Profound Lore
  • Genre Rock
  • UPC 616892489245
  • Website ID 616892489245

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