Soft Boys

Underwater Moonlight



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After recording the material that would later comprise the bulk of Invisible Hits, the Soft Boys recorded their masterpiece, the shimmering neo-psychedelic Underwater Moonlight. Essentially, the band didn't change their style for the record -- they merely perfected it. The Soft Boys don't hide their influences -- whether its the ringing guitars of the Beatles and Byrds or the surreal humor of John Lennon and Syd Barrett -- but they assimilate them, resulting in a fresh, edgy take on '60s guitar pop. Robyn Hitchcock's subject matter tends to be more explicitly weird and absurdist than his influences, as titles like "I Wanna Destroy You," "Old Pervert," and "Queen of Eyes" indicate -- even "Kingdom of Love" equates romance to bugs crawling under your skin. But the lyrics aren't the only thing that are edgy -- the music is too. The Soft Boys play pop hooks as if they were punk rock. "I Wanna Destroy You" isn't overtly threatening like their post-punk contemporaries, but with its layered guitar hooks and dissonant harmonies, it is equally menacing. Furthermore, the group can twist its songs inside out and then revert them to their original form, as evidenced by "Insanely Jealous." Although the neo-psychedelic flourishes are fascinating, the key to record's success is how each song is constructed around rock-solid hooks and melodies that instantly work their way into the subconscious. In fact, that's the most notable thing about Underwater Moonlight -- it updates jangling, melodic guitar pop for the post-punk world, which made it a touchstone for much of the underground pop of the mid-'80s, particularly R.E.M.

Yep Roc

40 tracks, 1 side

Side 1

  1. I Wanna Destroy You
  2. Kingdom of Love
  3. Positive Vibrations
  4. I Got the Hots
  5. Insanely Jealous
  6. Tonight
  7. You'll Have to Go Sideways
  8. Old Pervert
  9. Queen of Eyes
  10. Underwater Moonlight
  11. He's a Reptile
  12. Vegetable Man
  13. Strange
  14. Only the Stones Remain
  15. Where Are the Prawns
  16. Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole
  17. Dreams
  18. Black Snake Diamond Rock
  19. There's Nobody Like You
  20. Song No. 4
  21. Empty Girl
  22. Have a Heart Betty [Mark 2]
  23. Rock 'n' Roll Toilet [Mark 2]
  24. Old Pervert [Section 1]
  25. Like a Real Smoothie
  26. Alien
  27. Bloat [Extract]
  28. Underwater Moonlight [Version]
  29. She Wears My Hair
  30. Wang Dang Pig
  31. Old Pervert [Section 2]
  32. Insanely Jealous
  33. Leave Me Alone
  34. Goodbye Maurice or Steve
  35. Old Pervert [Section 3]
  36. Cherries
  37. Amputated
  38. Over You
  39. I Wanna, Er
  40. Old Pervert [Section 4]
  • Artist Soft Boys
  • Format LP
  • Released 2011
  • Label Yep Roc
  • Genre Rock
  • UPC 634457262812
  • Website ID 634457262812

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