Neon Bible (vinyl)

Neon Bible (vinyl)

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Double LP on 180-gram vinyl. Etched disc on B-side of 2nd LP. The dystopian fervor continues for Arcade Fire's sophomore effort on 2007's "Neon Bible." Lushly backed by an orchestra, harps, gospel choirs and more, Arcade Fire rocks out to the bleakness of the world they envision. Fans and critics raved about this album's overwrought brooding, and "Neon Bible" peaked at #2 on the coveted Billboard 200 album chart. Crafted as a complete listening experience, the only charting single was "Keep the Car Running." But that overlooks the power of the balladry intended for top-to-bottom envelopment. This original double LP was pressed on 180-gram vinyl. The B-side of the second disc is etched with 8 representations of the cover art.
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