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The debut full-length release by Mirah (pronounced Mee-Ray), a talent how is most certainly the Pacific Northwest's best kept secret. Utilizing acoustic and electric guitar, these 16 songs are augmented bythe alternate use of ukele, distored bass, drums, drum programs, vintage organs and violins. Stylistically cacillating between '50s jazz vocal and modern organic folk pop songwriting.

K. Records

16 tracks, 1 side

Side 1

  1. Million Miles
  2. Sweepstakes Prize
  3. Of Pressure
  4. This Dance
  5. La Familia
  6. Gone Sugaring
  7. Person Person
  8. Engine Heart
  9. Archipelago
  10. 100 Knives
  11. Murphy Bed
  12. Pollen
  13. Small Town
  14. Water And Sleep
  15. Telephone Wires
  16. Words Cannot Describe
  • Artist Mirah
  • Format CD
  • Released 2000
  • Label K. Records
  • Genre Indie Rock/Pop
  • UPC 789856111220
  • Website ID 789856111220

Pop Rock