Tim Hecker

Ravedeath 1972



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2011 album from the Canadian Electronic musician and sound artist. Recorded in a church in Reykjavik, Iceland and using a pipe organ as the primary sound source, this piece is essentially a live recording. In reality, it exists in a nether world between captured live performance and meticulous studio work, melding the two approaches to sonic artifice as a unity. It is in parts a document of air circulating within a wooden room, and also a pagan work of physical resonance within a space once reserved for the hallowed breath of the divine.

Kranky Records

12 tracks, 1 side

Side 1

  1. The Piano Drop
  2. In the Fog l-ll
  3. In the Fog lll
  4. No Drums
  5. Hatred of Music l
  6. Hatred of Music ll
  7. Analog Paralysis, 1978
  8. Studio Suicide, 1980
  9. In the Air l-lll
  10. In the Air I
  11. In the Air Ii
  12. In the Air Iii
  • Artist Tim Hecker
  • Format CD
  • Released 2011
  • Label Kranky Records
  • Genre Dance
  • UPC 796441815425
  • Website ID 796441815425

Electronic Dance