Sons Of The Palomino

Sons Of The Palomino (digi)

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CD, 2017

13 tracks, 1 side


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2017 release. To understand Sons Of The Palomino, turn off whatever contemporary country station you’re listening to. Forget for a moment about those plush corporate offices and business lunches that define where the genre is going these days. Let singer/songwriter Jeffrey Steele take you back to what may have been a better time and place. Steele wrote or co-wrote the songs, all of them dedicated to honoring the classic country music that the Palomino championed. After sifting through the material, the most essential step was to gather musicians who understood his intentions. Or, in Steele’s words, “We wanted to cut it with guys that had cut with the guys.”


13 tracks, 1 side

Side 1

  1. Runnin' Around
  2. Authentic
  3. When Lonely Calls
  4. Countryholic
  5. Outta This Town
  6. Lie
  7. Independent Trucker
  8. Whiskey Years
  9. Hole in the Wall
  10. Unbroken People
  11. Used to Be a Country Town
  12. Nobody Does Lonely Like You
  13. Old Roads and Lost Highways
  • Artist Sons Of The Palomino
  • Format CD
  • Released 2017
  • Label Bfd
  • Genre Country
  • UPC 819376011622
  • Website ID 819376011622


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