Agent Orange


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A greatest hits compilation from the true originators of the West Coast surf/punk scene, Agent Orange! Includes all of the band's best loved compositions such as "Bloodstains," "Bite The Hand That Feeds," "Everything Turns Grey," "I Kill Spies" and many more! Packaged in a LIMITED EDITION CD mini jacket - only 500 made!
  • First Released: 2019
  • Label: Cleopatra

14 tracks, 1 side

Side 1

  1. It's All A Blur
  2. Say It Isn't True
  3. Breakdown
  4. Wouldn't Last A Day
  5. Everything Turns Grey
  6. Message From The Underground
  7. El Dorado
  8. Tearing Me Apart
  9. Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad
  10. I Kill Spies
  11. Bloodstains
  12. What's The Combination
  13. Bite The Hand That Feeds (Instrumental)
  14. Seek & Destroy
  • Artist Agent Orange
  • Format CD
  • Released 2019
  • Label Cleopatra
  • Genre Punk
  • UPC 889466115622
  • Website ID 889466115622

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