B.B. King the Life of Riley (Blu-Ray)

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BB King opens his heart and tells the story of how an oppressed and orphaned young man came to influence and earn the unmitigated praise of the music industry and it's following, to carry the title: 'King of the Blues'. Prejudice and segregation has stained the lives of countless black people, and BB ‘Riley’ King made sure that through his music, he never allowed it to mar his spirit. This is the essence of the story that makes an astoundingly beautiful film; extremely informative and visually captivating.


Adult themes

Featuring Morgan Freeman, Eric Clapton, Bono, Ringo Starr, Carlos Santana, Bruce Willis, Bobby Bland

Special Features
Extended interviews, Live performances from the Royal Albert Hall

  • Released 2014
  • Discs 1 disc
  • Edition 1st
  • Runtime 119.0 minutes
  • Aspect Ration 16:9 Widescreen Full
  • Website ID 9336178018754


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