Split Enz

Live Alive Oh (2cd Set)

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CD, 2017

30 tracks, 2 sides


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Split Enz were always a phenomenal live act who truly shone when on stage. 'Live, Alive Oh' is a brand new 30 track compilation containing live versions of all of their biggest hits and most well known songs. Disc One, the first 17 tracks, is from their 20th Anniversary Tour of New Zealand in 1993, the tracks from which have been previously released. Disc Two contains 13 tracks from Auckland's Vector Arena from their farewell tour of NZ in 2008, none of which have ever been released. Lovingly compiled by Eddie Rayner, the concept was to create an updated and definitive live greatest hits collection by this most unique of bands.


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30 tracks, 2 sides

Side 1

  1. Shark Attack
  2. Poor Boy
  3. Message To My Girl
  4. Strait Ol' Line
  5. Haul Away
  6. I Got You
  7. Best Friend
  8. Years Go By
  9. Without A Doubt
  10. Hermit Mcdermitt
  11. True Colours
  12. What's The Matter With You?
  13. Charlie
  14. Split Ends
  15. Time For A Change
  16. I See Red
  17. Bold As Brass

Side 2

  1. Give It A Whirl
  2. Dirty Creature
  3. One Step Ahead
  4. Nobody Takes Me Seriously
  5. Take A Walk
  6. Stuff And Nonsense
  7. Double Happy
  8. Devil You Know
  9. Pioneer
  10. Six Months In A Leaky Boat
  11. My Mistake
  12. Carried Away
  13. History Never Repeats
  • Artist Split Enz
  • Format CD
  • Released 2017
  • Label Liberation
  • Genre Rock
  • UPC 9341004049291
  • Website ID 9341004049291

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