Princess Chelsea

Loneliest Girl (vinyl)

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LP, 2018

Nz Alternative (Nz)

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The Loneliest Girl is the third studio album by New Zealand musician Chelsea Nikkel, better known as Princess Chelsea. It was recorded by Chelsea between 2016 and 2017 in her home studio in West Auckland, New Zealand.

The Loneliest Girl examines the loneliness and ultimately the artistic satisfaction a strong work ethic can bring, the result of which is this eclectic collection of pop songs. As a studio based artist Chelsea was conscious of not wanting to fall too deep into a production hole for her third album and wanted to more than ever before capture moments of inspiration, madness and spontaneity on record.


released September 7, 2018


  • Artist Princess Chelsea
  • Format LP
  • Released 2018
  • Label LILCHI
  • Genre Nz Alternative (Nz)
  • UPC 9420058710347
  • Website ID 9420058710347


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